Sunday, July 11, 2010

At a loss...

This spring, my staff and I started a running group together. Most of us were not really exercising and were looking for something similar to the #temt group. Motivation and accountability. We started at the very beginning with walk 2 minutes and run 1 minute for 20 minutes total. We worked up to 5 km races! I had actually found a form of exercise that I enjoyed and I was keeping it up at least three times a week!

My running partner in crime and I were doing our third 5km race on May 30th when it happened. About halfway through the race I turned to my running partner and told her that my ankle was starting to hurt. I kept going, thinking that it I should just push through it. Bad choice.

The next day, my ankle was swollen to the size of a softball and I had shooting pain up my entire leg. The picture that I have included in this blog post was taken three weeks after the day that I hurt it. The doctor said 4-6 weeks with no activity. It has been 6 weeks today since the original incident and my ankle still swells sometimes. I have been able to start walking some, but I am still searching for a good cardio activity that won't hurt my ankle. I can't really swim without help of pool noodles...
Maybe you guys can help me with some suggestions of exercises that I can do with this injured ankle of mine... Thanks for reading and helping with this!


  1. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I think walking and swimming, even with the help of pool noodles is good. Have you tried a big stability ball? There are dvd's with exercises that you can do on the ball that don't make you put lots of weight on your ankles. I will try and find the name of the one I was doing for awhile. In the pool you will probably be able to build up your strength without the impact of the ground so keep it up! I can't wait to see the power of the group here. They are bound to have some great suggestions!

  2. Give it a little more time and ice it after you walk. Good luck!

  3. Hello Jamie
    Sorry to hear about the ankle. I can't give any specific advice about what to do from now on but if you ask a trainer or a physiotherapist they will be able to make sound suggestions! Good luck and we will be here to encourage and support you!

  4. Have you tried elliptical machines? Great aerobic workout with no impact; I'm assuming you are able to bear weight on it. Good luck. I've been there before. I had worked myself up to a good workout routine, and then had an injury that set me back. Whatever you are able to do will be better than doing nothing!

  5. Oh boy, can I relate. Two years ago I fell in May and broke my right ankle. I spent from May to September in a walking cam boot. It wasn't like I was an active exerciser before the accident - but it has taken me a long time to get back in the swing of things.

    I tried to make the best of it that summer. I took things slow and had some great friends to help me with rides and through airports (two flights that summer - lots of security checks!). I also gained a deeper understanding of living with a disability. I had an amazing Uncle who lived much of his adult life with MS. Memories of cheerful, non-"woe is me" attitude came rushing back. Each time I felt a tinge to complain, I thought of him.

    Now I'm finally returning to daily exercise (thanks to #temt). I can't blame my inactivity on my ankle. I attempted a short run (during my walk) the other night, but my ankle didn't like that much. I'll listen to the ankle and just walk for now.

    As suggested earlier - consider non impact type exercises. I attempted to do strength training using a weight bench and hand held weights at times. I felt better when I did that.

    We are all hear to support. This is a great team!!