Saturday, July 10, 2010

Announcing: TEMT!

Earlier this week I was tweeting with some relatively new Twitter friends, @Saskateach and @TheHomeworkDog on Twitter about our mutual desires to start or get back on a consistent exercise plan. We started making daily goals for exercise and decided to check in each evening to help each other stay committed and be accountable. As we discussed our plans through tweets, @Saskateach came up with the hashtag #emt, exercise motivation team and we all decided to use that for our tweets. Unfortunately, it was discovered by an incoming new member @KMP444 that #emt was taken by medical tech folks so @TheHomeworkDog came up with #temt: Twitter Exercise Motivation Team. So far our members include @koolkat222 @Thehomeworkdog @KMP444 @flourishingkids @jneman @kelalford @thenewtag @vickyloras and I suspect as we start tweeting and blogging, others will join in! There is no requirement for joining except a desire to share your commitment to living a healthier life through exercise.
SO, here's the part where you can join in! @KMP444 is working on a google doc of some sort for us to contribute our goals and progress and you can also paste a sticky here, if you would like a visual reminder of your daily or weekly goal. And here is the best part of all: this is a community blog, so all of us can write and share our experiences. Please email me at or DM me on Twitter if you would like to write for this blog. We can add up to 100 contributors so please, join in :-) There is no pressure to write ( you can join and contribute one post if you like) but as we all share our stories of successes, hurdles, hardships, we can encourage and inspire each other to be the best, healthiest selves we can be!
Thanks to all of you for the inspiration. I am off to change my clothes for a run right now.


  1. Hi Joan! What a great idea! Count me in, you know my email address! I say this as I eat fries and a burger! LOL! I need help!

  2. Yay!! going to send you the email right now! Good food and good exercise will make us all happier :-)