Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello from Greece

Sometimes we make a decision and a random event comes to confirm it somehow and then we call this serendipity or luck or the universe trying to help us. Yesterday I was thinking that now that my salary has been reduced and my expenses, due to oil being more expensive, have gone up I should try to do more things that cost nothing or next to nothing. Running is one of those! But I have made this promise to myself many times before and then I become lazy again and I prefer to do other things like reading or checking my twitter account! Anyway, twitter has already changed my life in some ways so let’s see if it can change it in another one.

My name is Anna Varna, I am a teacher of English in Greece, and the photo below is where I usually go for running and walking. It is the park near the river in the city I live, Larisa, which is in central Greece. I promise to go running at least three times a week। What about you people?


  1. Hi Anna :-) I am so thrilled that you have joined us. I love that you included the view of your run and some of your prior barriers to success. We can all hold each other accountable and have fun here. Thanks for posting! I have listed my goals on this stixy board along with others who are joining us here.

  2. Hi Anna!
    That is the Pinios in the picture right? (Sob!) Great that you started running today. We can all use the motivation, especially me! I have been thinking long about starting to do something. Thanks for giving us a push!
    Hope you achieve all your goals in life!
    Kindest regards,

  3. Hi Anna!

    I don't do running outdoors as I live in the city and the traffic fumes tend to get to me, but I've been putting extra time in at the gym recently to try and shift some of the pounds I've put on from spending way too much time in front of the computer.

    Great idea to team up and encourage each other in this way - count me in!


  4. Thank you, thank you all! Now that I know you will be watching me I'll do my best! This internet thing is a great invention...

  5. Anna,
    What a beautiful picture! Looks like a peaceful place to run. I love how we are all inspiring each other on this journey. This group has come to me during a very important time as well. I've contemplated joining a gym and getting a personal trainer. For now, I'm going to get my motivation from this group. I have to many projects at home to complete and am thinking of going back to school to earn a specialist degree. All will make money even more tight - so saving money on a gym/trainer is so welcomed. I believe all things happen for a reason - and this group is just one more example of that! Thanks for sharing a little bit of Greece with us. I'll learn how to upload pictures here to share a little of Iowa.

  6. Hi Anna,
    What a great place! I'd love to visit Greece some day!
    I think #temt is a wonderful idea. I'm an ESL teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's winter here and I'm always looking for excuses to avoid working out. It's too cold, and I'm too tired after school, my favorite ones!
    This team is exactly what I need too!
    My goal is to go for a walk at least 4 times a week.
    Hope you meet your goal! =)