Monday, July 12, 2010

A Time to Grow

Every spring and summer I get inspired by nature and all of its beauty. Everything is green and growing...full of potential. This spring I got caught up in this potential and started looking for ways to challenge myself to grow as a person, and as an educator. My first big change was to sign up for Twitter and begin to put myself out there, making comments, sharing ideas, and listening. In those opportunities I have learned so much, grown, and seen more potential for myself than ever before. The people I have virtually "met" have taught me so much. I know that this journey of growth and potential has just begun.

I have truly been challenged intellectually by my Twitter PLN but I began to realize that I haven't been challenging myself physically. I have put so much of my energy into work and my family that by the end of the day, after some Twittering, I had nothing left for my body. I only had to look at the scale to know this was true. I knew that I had to do something but I also knew that for me exercise has never been fun. In fact I really dislike it and any motivation I have ever had to do it was often short lived. My question, my own personal inquiry, was how can I bring the motivation I have to learn more and push myself intellectually into pushing myself physically?

The possible answer to this question came to me while chatting with my new Twitter friends @flourishingkids and @TheHomeworkDog. We decided to create a little support group around exercise, make a daily goal, and check in with each other to see if we had meet those goals. And now within days our little group has grown into a team. A team of wonderful people who are there to offer the support and motivation I have often longed for. I love that we have a blog to contribute to and be motivated by. I love that we have a hashtag #temt to call home. And most of all I love that we have so many wonderful people, who are willing to share, inspire, and motivate. Thanks everyone for this time to grow and …Go Team!!!!


  1. I see great things ahead for this powerful TEAM. Thanks for having the vision of going to fellow Twitter friends for support. I've been involved with other online support groups - but I haven't felt the motivation as I do with #temt. The fact that we all share a common desire to learn and grow is truly motivating in itself. We understand the power of collaboration in our professional lives and am extending that power to our own physical well=beings. We will be stronger educators because of our commitment to ourselves.

  2. I love the way you shared your story! I also feel new beginnings in spring :-) I am so thankful that we all started chatting and that we pushed each other to find a way to get back to making goals for our health. Thanks so much for writing here. I look forward to all of us energizing each other and ourselves. We can do it :-)