Monday, July 12, 2010

How About Sharing Our Tips and Obstacles?

While print is a great mode of communication, I find it very powerful when I hear others share their stories through voice. So, jump in and share, please! What are you struggling with? What is a tip that you have found helps you stay motivated? I am off to my elliptical now and so excited about returning later and looking at the great input we have going on here! Remember to email if you would like to be a contributor to this team effort. We have lots of spaces for writers and there is no minimum commitment! And if you've never made a comment using Voicethread, it's easy. Just click the big arrow for the Voicethread to take you to its site where you can add a comment by voice or by type.

1 comment:

  1. This is so cool. I'll work on learning how to add a voice thread comment later. The sun finally came out today and I'm off for a walk. (Probably not through the cemetery tonight - don't want to get stuck there in the dark!) Probably a short walk due to spending most of the morning under sedation. :-)

    I love that this blog is not only keeping me focused with exercise, but also teaching me useful technology skills! When it comes to learning relevance and authenticity is key. This is a prime example!!! We have to learn my doing!