Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year: New Challenge with Fit42

I tried to walk away when I saw a tweet about the new Fit42 challenge offered up by a fellow educator who has created a friendly fitness challenge. Why did I want to avoid this wonderful opportunity to be accountable to myself and my goals? Three words: fear of failure.

I have been a recovering perfectionist for most of my adult life, and the fear of failing weighs heavily on me. ( no pun intended!) I obsess when I know the number on that evil little device, the scale, and I lose many hours in thoughts related to that ridiculous number and what it says about me.  Now don't get me wrong: I realize that weight is important to health. But the number doesn't tell the entire story. And, for that reason, I decided that this challenge provided me the perfect opportunity to let me set goals that were not based on weight alone.

What I love about the Fit42 challenge is that everyone shares their story, their goal, and their plan. The forums provide a place to ask questions, offer support, and feel validated and empowered to stick to your plan. Of course, I just joined yesterday, so the trick will be: How do I keep up my activity and my community involvement once school is back in session? I will make it a routine to check in each morning and each evening to keep a record of my progress.

So, I offer you the challenge as well, if you haven't already taken it! If you decide not to do the Fit42, then how will you surround yourself with others who will help you reach your goals? Will you keep up the #temt tweets? Will you contribute to this blog as a writer? Please share how you plan to meet your goals of health and fitness for 2011.