Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School and Back on Track

This summer has been so very relaxing!  If you know me.. you know that I don't sit well.  This summer was an exception and I think I sat a little too well!
Where I spent most of my summer
I had grand intentions of losing those last 10 pounds this summer.  I thought about it, I talked about it.. and I did NOTHING!  I made the excuse.. it is too hot (well.. it was) Oh, I will go to the gym later.  So instead of losing those 10 pounds, I gained about 7 back this summer (I do have to admit.. some of that was from new medicine I am on)

I have been inspired this summer by several people, but one of the main ones is Weight Off my Shoulders  and she had mentioned a DietBet.  I hopped over to and decided that this will be the jump start that I need.

I have decided to participate in the 28 day challenge for the Runkeeper Game.  Tomorrow is my official weigh in.  In the 28 days I will have to lose 4% to win (the weight I gained this summer)  I don't know if I am completely ready to go back to school, but I do know that I am ready to be back on a schedule that is not just sitting on my couch!

Have you participated in a DietBet?