Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Restarted

Weight, Healthy Eating and Exercise have been a forever struggle for me. My weight seems to go from one extreme to another. When I saw the conversations about #temt happening through twitter, it seemed like a sign it was time to get restarted and take care of myself again.

My goal will change (increase) in time, but for now I am going to concentrate on getting my eating back on track and exercising at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.

Today is the day I restart - I went to the grocery store and restocked my frig with healthy food, trashed some tempting foods and went for a a 30 minute walk with my dog. Baby steps to some, but huge for me. I look forward to supporting and being supported by this great group!


  1. Way to go on Day One! The support here has been phenomenal. Love your goals. We all need to set goals that are right for ourselves and not in competition with someone else. We are in this together! As the group continues to grow; so does the support. I'm actually looking forward to watching the changes in myself and others! We are in for a fun, healthy journey!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story of restarting. You are so right that having healthy food choices available is a vital way to nurture yourself. I can relate to the lifelong struggle and the ups and downs of staying committed to the goals. I am excited for our journey together here. Great job on your post :-)

  3. Baby steps are good. I'm so glad that #temt is happening. After losing quite a lot of weight last year, I had noticed that my slackness in exercising, has caused my jeans to become a little tight. I want to be able to show off my skinny legs come summer time. ;)