Sunday, August 8, 2010

Resolutions in August

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Vasilis, a veritable runner/writer/astronomer, was wondering in Facebook whether we can still make resolutions in July or do we have to wait until next January. Well, since everyone told him that it’s not too early, or too late, I just thought that my new resolution is to exercise more this school year, that is about to begin. The last two Januarys (or Januaries?) what I was hoping for was to travel more and get better at my job. I think it’s time to add the fitness part.
The last four weeks, since we all started this blog and this group, have been good. I kept going for my work out three times a week. I even went for running while I was holidaying in Rhodes (and why not? The conditions were ideal). But now that September approaches, I’m not sure I will be able to keep up with my promises. That’s why I’m committing myself publicly to this, because if I don’t I will feel even more embarrassed.
I know that exercising regularly is the good thing for me to do. But it’s something I have to persuade myself to do. It doesn’t come naturally. And it’s not in my country’s culture either. Greece, although it is sunny and its climate is mild most of the time, isn’t a country of joggers and runners. Things are changing of course, maybe because we somehow managed to evolve from a country of balanced Mediterranean diet to a country of overweight children.
So this is another post, a bit personal I admit, to just let you know that so far I have gone for running or walking three times a week, with a short break because of serious family problems, but still, I jumped again on the “train” and now I added a routine of ab exercises! I’m counting on you people to pull me up again every time I fall off… Just being here and reading your stories is motivation enough!

P.S. The photograph above is from the ancient stadium in Rhodes, where I went running two weeks ago. It felt like I was taking part in ancient athletic games!


  1. I understand your concern about maintaining an exercise program after you start back to school. In the summer, I exercise in the morning before breakfast. That is not an option during the school year. I find it very hard to maintain the resolve to go to the gym in the afternoons.

  2. Anna,
    Thank you for sharing your worry about staying with the routine once school starts. I have the same worry! I have very long work days, with my regular teaching job and tutoring, but somehow I am committed to finding a way to keep it up! Whether it's walking at lunch time before eating, or doing an exercise dvd at school before jumping in my car for my hour commute, I will find a way. We will help each other. That's what #temt is all about!