Thursday, August 5, 2010


Earlier this week I wrote a post for my own blog at The Inspired Classroom that connected a concept from yoga to my teaching. But there is a need for me to elaborate on this in terms of, well, exercise. It is the idea of receiving.

The Inspired Classroom's summer book group which is reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert spent a morning last week experiencing India as we had a private yoga session with Jeanne Russell of Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts. One thing Jeanne kept coming back to was the idea of receiving. After we came out of a move she gave us a moment to pause saying, “…and we receive…,” at which time I would close my eyes and feel my body tingle amidst my surroundings. I had a sense of accomplishment. My whole body was happy to have been cared for, stretched and noticed. Jeanne went on to say that she likes to give people the opportunity to receive their movements so that they are not moving and rushing right into the next move. This truly resonated with me.

For the past few days I've been trying this idea out as I exercise. (My personal preference at this time in my life: exercise videos!) After I complete a set or interval or circuit, I close my eyes and take in a breath. It has really helped me to feel the good things I am doing as I exercise. I feel my muscles tingle, my lungs working and it gives me a really nice sense of accomplishment. It's a great time for visualization too. I visualize my muscles getting more toned, my fat melting away and my body getting stronger.

When I open my eyes, I'm revitalized to continue with the next thing. "Receiving" is actually something I look forward to as I move through my workout.

Hopefully some of you will try this and get something out of it as well. I am so happy to be part of #temt. Thanks Joan and all of the #temt team for having this blog and giving me new motivation. I'm looking forward to
receiving more as we head out of summer and back to the school year!

@eliza_peterson :-)


  1. I like this idea of recognizing the "receiving." After about a year and a half of working out at the gym, I discovered "the feeling" of my muscles moving. Prior to that time I might have simply registered discomfort or pain. Once I discovered "the Feeling" it changed the game for me. I was working along with my body and not against it. Circumstances took me away from the gym (even walking)for about 7 months and I lost the good feeling that comes with accomplishing a workout.
    Yesterday was my first day back to the gym since some very challenging days in April when I was still pushing through pain. I worked in communion with my body. I didn't do anything that felt too stressful. Instead, me being aware of my body, allowed me to pause when the burn arrived, take a few breaths, feel the muscles calm down, and then go on. It was a fantastic day 1 and I knew that taking it easy while listening to my body made the whole experience a joy. I was "receiving" the benefits and enjoying them throughout the process. I took care of myself with love. Thanks for reminding me of this. Please share more.

  2. That is so awesome! This summer I am really getting more in touch with my body as I read more and revise my desire to workout and take care of myself mind, body and spirit.

    I love that you were really listening to your body. That's so important, right? Especially after an injury or any other thing that interrupts our life. We need to take care of ourselves and being here motivating each other is part of that!!

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your wonderful story. I have been working on mindfulness and trying to incorporate more meditative moments in my day. What a beautiful way to take care of yourself by this idea of receiving. I am going to think of "receiving" more today and as my life gets much busier over these upcoming weeks. Thank you for joining us here!