Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let's Get Movin'! The Group Support of #Temt

A #temt walk in San Diego at #iste13

I can be a bit irritating to hear people boast about their workouts, but if I annoy just one person each day to make a move back to health, then it will be worth it! I know that reading about someone else's run has gotten me off my butt on more than one occasion.

This blog was born out of a Twitter conversation several years ago. Fellow educators shared my plight: during the summer many of us are more active and seem to be able to take care of ourselves, but when school begins, the best laid plans fall apart. We agreed to use the hashtag #temt on Twitter to record our workouts and ask for support from others! We also planned to share this blog space to inspire others to get moving!

If you'd like to tell your story and become a contributor on this blog, just leave a comment or say hi to me on Twitter: @flourishingkids.  If you've written here before, please jump back in and share. I promise to chime in more regularly and work to keep us all a bit more motivated on our journey to health.  If we're going to be the best for others, we need to be in our best physical health!


  1. I'm in! I'm glad we are bringing the blog back, too. Thanks for the encouragement, Joan, and for the fun run in San Antonio.

  2. Thanks, Philip! Going to try and be more active with the blog and the tweets. It really helps!