Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I was so excited when Joan added me to this blog.  I have blogged about my weight loss on my own blog, but glad to use this as a resource.

A little back story. Hi, I am Andrea (@akbusybee) I have been a special education teacher (in a LIFE- Living in a Functional Environment k-5) for 11 years. Next year I am changing positions to our campus Instructional Technology Specialist.  In January my husband and I sat down and wrote some goals.  These goals included ones that were job based, financial based... and for me weight based.  Being married to an Executive Chef makes it hard sometimes to stay on track with food (especially when he sends out those gosh dog cheesecakes!)

Anyway, I started my journey in January weighing in at 220 pounds... I am now down to 195.  I have never been one to be self conscious about my weight.. but it sure has been nice to be a smaller size!
Photo on the left March 2012/Photo on the right June 2013
So, this summer I have pretty much maintained.  My goal was to be down another 15 pounds by the time school starts, but that is a VERY unreasonable goal (and although I am competitive.. I want to do this the right way)

Things I have done to get this far:
Accountability Buddy-I have a friend that she and I text everything that we eat and when we work out.  We both go through stages where we fall off the wagon (and that is kind of where I am right now)
Accountability Group- I am excited to use this platform as another way to keep my self accountable (see a trend here) I also participate in a group on facebook.
Changing my eating habits- Hi, I am Andrea and I am fast food aholic!  In the past when I have tried to lose weight I give up fast food and sodas.. and then about a week later I was back to eating it.  This time around I still have fast food.. not as often and only kid meals.  I also stop eating after 8pm.

Here is where I need help!
I have a fitbit, a gym membership, and the need to lose the rest of the weight.... but I can not get the motivation this summer!  What do you do to change it up (and get yourself out of the house)?  I am a summer traveler and always going, and this is the first summer that I have slowed down.  How do you keep yourself accountable?

I look forward to learning from this group and connecting with others!


  1. Thanks, Andrea for sharing your story! I find it easier when I have friends in classes who notice when I don't show up.

    To change it up, I also get myself moving in ways that I find more fun than traditional workouts; dancing around the house to music, setting the timer and running around listening to music for 5-10 minutes, playing with kids ( friends' kids, etc..since mine are grown!).
    I am so happy you have joined us here.
    Thanks for this first post!

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