Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime..and the #Temt in's Easy

Spinach Salad with Shrimp

For me, summer is the time when I finally get my act together, resume regular workouts, and prepare yummy healthy meals. Well, most of the time, anyway! Even with family visitors, celebration of holidays and birthdays, it's still easier for me to take care of myself when the pressures of the daily commute and busy teaching day are off.

Maybe it's time that I developed some new habits. They say that it takes 30 days to create a habit, and I have just about 30 days before I return to work full-time.  So here are some things I am going to do to make my life easier and prepare for when the hustle and bustle of school returns.

  1. Make a yummy, healthy food shopping list on Evernote: This way, when I am at the store, starved and brain-dead from a long day, I will have a go-to list and I won't feel deprived.
  2. Keep a salad bar ready in the refrigerator : If I get in the habit of having healthy veggies cut up and ready in the frig. I can just keep it going when school starts. I have thought of this often, but the habit just hasn't stuck. Suggestions?
  3. Make a menu of fun workouts: Sometimes when I am tired or just unable to make a decision, I need ideas of fun ways to exercise so that it sounds less like a chore. Why not get creative and draw (or create on the computer) a visual representation of all the ways I like to exercise? I bet I can come up with at least 10..maybe even 20. Stay tuned for a future post on that!
  4. Get a buddy involved: Last year my teacher friend next door and I talked of choosing a day after school when we would run together. Another coworker suggested hiking on a nearby trail. We didn't do it, but I plan to make it happen this year. A google doc is in the making for "collaborative opportunities for exercise."I will share it at our Summer Institute when we get together for professional development in August. 
  5. Start the day in workout clothes: It's hard to distract yourself from the workout when you're already dressed. Today I will be going straight from the pj's to the fun new workout clothes I scored on the clearance rack at Marshalls! 
How will you develop a new habit to make health a priority during all seasons of the year?

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