Monday, July 4, 2011

Fine with Fifty (I think!)

I started my 50th birthday with another green smoothie, followed by a wonderful yoga class. Off to a great start! Huge lunch at a great restaurant and green smoothie for dinner. Overall, not so bad.

It has been so much fun reading the tweets and wall posts from my Twitter and Facebook friends today. My favorite comment was probably this one: "Hope I look as good when I reach that point in my life!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!!!"

Later in the evening another friend called with birthday wishes and I shared that comment with her and added "I certainly work at it!"

To which she replied, "Well, there does come a time when it doesn't come as easy as it used to."

True that.

I never really had a problem with my weight. I could always eat whatever I wanted. And a week or so of cutting back would shed a few pounds. In fact, I only gained 10 pounds over 25 years. But I didn't like how I felt (more so how my clothes [didn't] fit). The cutting back alone wasn't working anymore. That is when I joined Curves and started being much more conscious of my eating habits. I'm not perfect, but overall, I'm happy with the results.

In the months leading up to my 50th birthday, I've been rather reflective, emotions about the "Big 5-0" running the gamut from embracing to vehemently denying. In the end, I think I'm OK with it. Having a wonderful network of supportive, encouraging friends (and a little flattery here and there!) makes it easier and all worth while.

Sure beats the alternative!

Creative Commons photo by Leo Reynolds

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