Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fitting it All in!

It's been awhile since I have posted here and I've been feeling a little guilty about falling off the #temt wagon. I had anxiously predicted that the beginning of school would be a challenge for me with my longer commute, tutoring job and learning all of the ins and outs of being at a new school in a new grade. Overall, I haven't failed miserably, but I have only been averaging 2-3 workouts per week over the past few weeks, compared to 5-6 during the summer.

I know that many of us on #temt work in education and sometimes we can get caught up in an "all or nothing" thinking about exercise. If we don't have at least an hour to devote to a run or walk or gym workout then we decide it's not going to happen. What if we arrived at a solution that was "in-between?" Here are a few examples:
  • Each morning( or at least 3-4 of the days) when I arrive at school, I grab my hand weights as I put my things down on my desk. I do this before anything else!  I do sets of bicep curls, tricep exercises, squats and lunges. This entire process takes 10-15 minutes and I can feel my heart warming up and my muscles awakening.
  • After a meeting sometimes is the worst time to drive home since it's right at the beginning of rush hour. What  if I take 30-40 minutes to do an exercise video in my classroom? All I really need to do is keep a pair of workout shoes and clothes at school for those occasions. Can I do this? Yes! Have I done it yet? No, but I promise to try it out this week!
  • Although I only have 40 minutes for lunch, I could try at least 1-2 days per week to take a walk for 30 minutes. I know it would clear my head and feel great, yet I have not done this yet. I think I will invite the teacher next door to join me. Our school is on beautiful grounds and I can enjoy and get some exercise. 
  • One place where I tutor on Mondays is surrounded by great hills where I could walk and run for 30 minutes after the session. I tried this right before school started and it was awesome to miss a bit of the traffic and go home feeling more relaxed. 
In listing these options, I feel much better about my commitment to exercise and keeping it up during the school year. What kinds of solutions are helping you stay firmly connected to taking care of yourself? Thanks in advance for sharing!

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