Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let's go #Temt!

Some of the fabulous folks who tweet with #temt! Yay, we got to walk with Jerry at ISTE12!

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since a post has graced this blog, and yet I also can believe it. We all get so busy, but hopefully we have found ways to keep up the commitment we made to our health, whenever that was! And if this post hits you in a lull or a "fall off the wagon" moment, maybe it's a sign to devote some care to your health.

I know that the #temt tweets from others remind me to "move it" and the replies I get when I post motivate and affirm my own inner desire to be the healthiest self I can be. Thank you to all who use the hashtag that stands for "Twitter Exercise Motivation Team."

So, here's what I would love to know! If you are one of the original blog members who posted here, I would love to see a post from you, updating us all on how your quest for health has been going.  And, I would really like to know if there are any others out there willing to guest post on here occasionally, and by that I mean with whatever regularity you choose!

It would be wonderful to renew this blog and continue together on our journeys to our best healthy selves. Are you in?

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  1. I am so happy to see that many of you were able to meet up in person at ISTE12. Just to think: All of you connected by a hashtag, a great one at that! It's amazing how the #temt group motivates one another virtually and in person (as is the case at ISTE12). Thanks for posting the picture.