Sunday, June 12, 2011

Make it Playful: 10 Ways to Have Fun Exercising This Summer!

School's out for summer and it's a chance for many of us to recommit ourselves to getting healthier and happier through balanced exercise and eating. The school year has been consuming for me, leading to a partial neglect of myself that I now plan on making up for with lots of sleep, play, nutritious food, and exercise.
Coincidentally, I am reading a book called, Play by Stuart Brown, a book which has been selected for all of the staff at my school to read. I am reinspired to create a list of ways that I will exercise in a joyful playful way this summer. Here goes:
  1. Wii Fit:  I especially love my Wii Fit Active 2 disc with activities like Mountainboarding, cycling, step aerobics, and more.  I also love the therapeutic aspect of the boxing station and the childlike fun of skipping.  Zumba always puts me in a great mood as well, as the music gets my heart going and I forget about watching the clock. I am thinking of getting Just Dance 2. Anyone out there a fan?
  2. Kayaking: I am fortunate enough to live near the ocean and last summer spent a few of my most favorite days renting a kayak and exploring the bay near the Capitola pier. 
  3. Hiking: I live within 20 minutes of several beautiful parks where I can hike and feel the wonder of my feet hitting the earth.  There is always something so therapeutic about hiking up hills, feeling the ground, and listening to the creatures of the forest. 
  4. Walking: Ok, so I don't always think of walking as exercise, but it is! I will be in Philadelphia for ISTE11 in a couple weeks and I plan on enjoying exploring the city by walking and talking with friends!
  5. Running: ( Granted,  maybe I should call this one, jogging) : I go in and out of phases where I enjoy running, as I don't consider myself a "natural runner" with legs that are short and squat, attached to a frame made for childbearing than for athletics, but I do enjoy running, especially on the beach! I carry my phone along to take pics to make it more fun.
  6. Gardening: Oh yes, there is definitely some work to be done out front with weeds taking over my patio area. I am going to enjoy some tunes and gardening, and yes.. I do consider it exercise!
  7. Insanity: I am thinking of getting the Insanity Dvd's that I keep hearing about. I am afraid the pain of it all may not fit in the "play" category, but it looks like a great challenge!
  8. Cleaning/Dancing Around the House: Yep! When it's just me and my music, I can work up quite a sweat and a smile on my face, cleaning, organizing, and dancing my way to satisfaction. 
  9. Bicycling: So, currently I don't own a bike, but I think it's about time to add cycling to my repertoire of fun fitness activities. Biking to the beach: how can I say no to that?
  10. Rollerblading: Time to dust off those blades and hit some flat, safe, paths to renew my skills. Don't worry, wrist guards will definitely be part of my practice!
How will you find playful ways to rejuvenate either by yourself or with friends/family this summer? Please share!

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